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Re: Homeschooling check-in

Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs View Post
Hi Everyone!

Jen - I didn't use the 2nd edition of MFW K. So, this seems fine to me, actually easier than the old K manual. But, I've heard of some people making notes about what else they need to do, particularly about math right under the days. That way it's all together. I do think they are planning to revise this portion of 1st like they did with K. (Believe me, K was worse. It was a LOT of flipping with Bible/science being in one section, math being in another and phonics in another.) But, the 2nd edition isn't scheduled to come out till next year sometime (if that). They haven't given a real time frame yet.

As for the MFW 1st math, we tried doing theirs. I have no doubt that it would be just fine. But, I need more hand holding. I just need it completely spelled out. I don't have enough experience or enough confidence to do math without it. We use Singapore. We used Essentials K last year with MFW K. It's all we have used. I've seen in a lot of places about it being a very strong curriculum and since MFW recommends it starting in 2nd, that's the route I went. We haven't started it for this year, but I wouldn't say I had very strong feelings one way or the other last year. It was fine. If I were to try something else, it would probably be Saxon because I used that in school and really liked it. I stuck with Singapore for this year because I just wanted to stay consistent. He did learn from it.

Corrie - Sorry to hear you all were sick yesterday. Hopefully the kids are feeling better and you got more sleep last night.

Schooling on weekends - We do sometimes. My husband works a lot of Saturdays. When he does, we often do school on Saturday. My kids don't mind and don't notice. I do it mostly as a make up day. If we did school all 5 days during the week, I will sometimes not bother even if my husband is working. However, I also use it as a way to get a little head too. So, sometimes I do it even if we did get school in all 5 days that week. I guess it mostly depends on my mood.

AFM - Had my OB appt today. Everything is fine. No protein and BP was good. I'm contracting a lot today though. We'll see if I make it through the weekend. I was wanting to make it to at least Oct 1st. I still sort of want to, but I'm kind of just done too. But, Sept 30 is the cut off for K here. It makes a difference in testing that is required. It would put this baby on the young side of his grade and I prefer him to be on the older side, or at least have that option. I've dealt with this with my oldest whose b-day is in a couple weeks. Anyway, we didn't do anymore school yesterday. I'm going to try to finish the phonics that was supposed to be done yesterday sometime today or this weekend and then I think we need to hold off till after the baby. I just have too many appts and such to be trying to fit school in. But, we'll see. I felt so much more productive yesterday just getting in a little. So, I may try. Totally playing it by ear. (where did that saying even come from?? )
Just curious, do you not get the option to hold your child back a year? In MO our cutoff is August 1st, but I know several people that have kiddos with July birthdays and they hold off a year to send them to school.

well I have apick some out. So I got one of every one he had and the girls are so excited about it. Butterflys snakes frogs animal prints different types of trees flowers. snakes you name it we probably have it.[/QUOTE]
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