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Originally Posted by miraclebaby
My husband called from his uncle's house in Tn yestrday. He's not coming home, and wants a divorce. Will not be returning to maine. I"m alone now with an 8yr, toddler and soon to be newborn.
i'm shocked sad and in disblief.
and i know he's dead serious becuase his family is twisted and wants complete control over him and he's weak/falls for it.

i'm just broken and REALLY wish i wasn't pregnant.
Wow. not even man enough to talk/tell you in person after the years you've spent together...not to mention your poor babies. I am so sorry! What a complete jerk.
And stephanie, after that sweet baby is in your arms won't wish for a second that he hadn't left you with a parting gift.....
Cynthia mom of 6
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