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Re: Anyone you AREN'T looking forward to sharing the good news with?

Originally Posted by mrspopo View Post
Im a very private person and i dont like telling most people. I just dont like all the attention and focus on me. Theres a few people in particular... MIL because she already knows everything about everything. And a friend of mine that makes it a huge deal. She treats me like i have a disease or something and has to comment on everything i say or do and point out that its because of the baby. Although im pretty sure i also eat when im not pregnant,so if im eating it doesnt need to be commented on that im eating for 2
I hated telling my old co-workers for this reason.

I feel bad telling DH's brother and his wife (they are local and will be the first family to know). They have had fertility issues and have given up TTC. I don't think they've made peace with the whole thing yet so it will be uncomfortable, but they will act happy for us. I have another friend, who I met through DS who also had fertility issues, and she found out the day I got my BFP, but she's very at peace and lives vicariously through friend's babies and is already wanting to start knitting for this LO

I am not telling my family until the gender screen. I'm kind of the family outcast, and get tired of it. When I'm pregnant I get calls once or twice a week from family wanting to know about the pregnancy, it feels weird and uncomfortable because they normally never call. I've talked to my mom twice in 2012. People (my mom, aunt, my siblings) keep saying there needs to be another grandbaby and that my sister needs to have another baby even though she's in a very unstable marriage etc. and in school. Never us.

My MIL hints about it every time we see her, so I look forward to being able to tell her
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