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Re: Too much babywearing or the wrong crrier?

Squatting is a good option, easier on the back as well. Though in a wrap (stretchy or even with a woven) you should be able to support their head with the carrier so you can bend forward reasonably well.

I do find that wovens are nice for being able ot adjust where you're putting weight. Someone recently made a good point that it isn't so much the carrier or the carry but the muscle groups you're using and that can be varied a bit by adusting the carrier. Easier with a woven, for example in a ruck you can tie around the waist, versus tibeten versus tying around the same arm back-pack strap with distribute the weight a bit differently and help change up the muscle groups. They definitely sit differently in an SSC depending on where you put the waist and ho much you tighten the straps. The K'Tan is harder cause you can't adjust much. Usually with a wrap you want to be tightening more to give more support and you can adjust a bit where you're putting the weight, but you just can't in the K'Tan.
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