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Originally Posted by Schneckj34
Okay so this is close to on topic for this board.. Any advice with helping daycare understand my sons loose BM's are not "diarrhea" .. I feel silly posting this but I am a nurse and still can't get through to these people.. For the most part they are pretty good about cloth diapering.. But I get about once a week I get the he had leaky diarrhea report . This week he was sent home cause he had a large somwhat loose BM that leaked onto floor.. but it was not all loose and hes on antibiotics.. poor guy has double ear infection. So of course they send him home.. whats frustrating is that i think they cant see the poop on the new style tots bots either cause they are colored and I have a bunch of darker diapers.. I just feel so frustrated like I should switch to paper sposies cause somehow that seems easier for them to assess the situation! Any advice TIA
Not sure if you've tried this, and it doesn't really address your question, but have you given him probiotics to help get his stools normalized?
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