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Re: Can we talk diapers again.....puleasssee,I need help

I have 4 in diapers, 2 at night, 2 fulltime.

I struggle with getting rid of any.

If you never use the prefolds and covers they are only backups maybe get rid of a dozen prefolds - you probably wont miss them since you never use them.

I would cancel some or all of your new order for pockets. Seems like a lot of pockets. I am weird and would prefer to keep larges over mediums too - I found larges usually fit they just needed tight snapping and were a bit puffy butt but I know I will get longer out of them than the mediums.

ETA something I have considered doing is bagging some up putting in the cupboard and if I dont use them in the next 6 months then I will sell them, I made the mistake of selling my whole stash not long ago and regretted it so badly. Hasn't taken me long to build it up again though lol

I wouldn't get rid of any of the newbie stuff til it's outgrown. Agree with pp maybe another cover.

Now how am I going to convince myself to get rid of any.......

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