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Re: If you had a 9/10/11lb baby, how long was your labor?

I have had three over 9 pounds.

9.6 was my first child. Hers was around 4 hours if I recall correctly (it has been 14 years and I don't have her baby book handy)

My 3rd child was 10.14 and his was a very fast and very easy birth. I literally hit transition before realizing I was actually in labor. I believe we went from thinking I had eaten bad taco bell to holding him in about 40 minutes? I know he came so fast we never made it out of our hotel room.

4th child was 11.6
First strong contraction was at 6:20 and I caught him at 7:57

Oddly enough, my smallest two (8ish pounders) were my most intense labors.
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