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Re: TV-free?

With running my own business as a WAHM with a [20 month old] little one in tow and the fact that we'll be ttc soon, I feel this post is a glimpse into my future. haha!

We're a TV-free family with a screen-free tot.

My partner and I occasionally watch a movie after kiddo's bedtime, but not while he's around. We also limit our screen time when he is awake. I don't really have much advice.. it just works for us. We have found a very calm and comfortable rhythm for our family, and when we have things to do, there just isn't any time for TV.

Just 1-2 activities per day is more than enough to fill a day, in addition to eating, naps, and general care. Pinterest is great for craft or sensory ideas, but unstructured free play is beneficial to young kiddos, too.

Sorry if that wasn't very helpful, but maybe it's at least a starting point for you?

Good luck!
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