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Re: Can we talk diapers again.....puleasssee,I need help

Inserts is the next deamon. I am scared to get rid of things because of the fiasco with my son peing through everything, and I am so torn about getitng more microfiber to try and combine with some of these since they are so bulky they cannot be doubled, poor kid looks like a duck. He id fine with flip organics but I am worried about not knowing what will work for number 2

For ds I have 23 flip organics I sue as pocket inserts,bullet proof and suprisingly not bulky.

I also have:
20 popolini terry inserts
22 bamboo
20 charcaol bamboo on the way
and 30 blends on the way
oh and one lone microfiber from an alva, I sold off the rest.

the bamboo can be added to the others without bulk, but the others are all to bulky to double. I have tried various combos on ds 2 double terry, 2 terry and 1 bamboo, only one he does not pee through is 2 bamboo 1 terry and its huge the kid waddles.I was hoping on of the others would work better. Again coop order so no canceling just deciding what to keep.
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