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Re: Lil Shamrocks - Week of Sept 24

Thanks i can use all the prayers i can get.
I can't even imagine a homebirth alone. Jake was so high needs idk how i'm goign to handle a toddler and a newborn. he still gets up 4-5 times a night.
i only have two good friends that live here and they have lives so they're doing what they can but its really really hard.
i lost 9lbs and have been trying to eat but can't. Today i vommited all morning.
my heart is literally ripped out.
This is all so he can avoid responsibility of life and continue to use his internet ****, to the tune of thousands of dollars monthly. He lives in a fantasy and his family allows it. When life gets tough, he checks out. Praying he realizes HE is the one that will be lonely and sad int he long run.
thinks he's getting 50/50 of the kids and wil ship them to TN. I have a lawyer on thurs to consult.
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