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Re: Homeschooling check-in

Originally Posted by 2queens&1princenmyhouse View Post
Just curious, do you not get the option to hold your child back a year? In MO our cutoff is August 1st, but I know several people that have kiddos with July birthdays and they hold off a year to send them to school.

well I have apick some out. So I got one of every one he had and the girls are so excited about it. Butterflys snakes frogs animal prints different types of trees flowers. snakes you name it we probably have it.

You sort of can. If you think your child isn't ready for school, you can write a letter stating that and they will decide if it's okay to hold them back. However, for purposes of HS'ing, you have to start reporting (testing) to the state for any child who is 6 by Sept 30. There is no letter writing to push it back a year. If I wanted him to wait a year to start K, I would still have to write the letter even if we are HS'ing, but I would also have to start testing him after his K year, not first because the letter does not push that back. So, it just makes a lot more hoops to jump through and I really don't like hoops. I'm still deciding if I should take the religious exemption in our state and not have to do any of it. But, that has other ramifications too. Like, my oldest needs speech therapy right now. We aren't planning to do it through the school system, but we might change our minds and use the schools because it's looking like our medical ins. isn't going to pay for it and it's expensive. We don't get those services if we take the religious exemption. Anyway, it would just make my life easier if this baby was born after Sept 30. Today is the 29th,'s looking good for that.

No school today even though we do it sometimes on Saturday. We have having a little "party" for my almost 7 year old's b-day. His b-day isn't till Oct 19th, but I don't want to have a newborn and be trying to do something for his b-day or have to cancel it because the baby waits till then to be born (please, no!!). This morning, I have to make a cake and get my house cleaned. I'm making a cake with snakes on it. He LOVES animals, especially snakes. The catch is....they have to be realistic, no gummy worm snakes. We'll see how my skills hold up. Then, clean the house and get a little bit of food ready for later. Then, we will go bowling this afternoon and home for burgers and cake and a few presents from other people. Hopefully, the day will go smoothly. First though....I have to get off the computer!
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