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Re: Basically it's the weekend!

Hola mamacitas. I have had two cups of coffee already.

Ian has got that thing where he bounces off the walls all day, but wakes up at night with the dying, choking, emphysema cough. I'm seriously at my wit's end. I suppose we should finally hook up the stupid nebulizer and give him a treatment before bed? He does not present like a typical asthma case, he usually isn't wheezy and his oxygen numbers are super good even after a full night of this.

Anyway I did not get to properly sleep in either, but DH did get out of bed and feed the kids and kept them off electronics until I came down. Because he let them take turns with Rosie's recorder she is learning to play at school.

I have a massage today and will leave for it in a bit. I am so glad I did not sign the kids up for sports this semester, it makes weekends for us so much easier. Tranisitioning to a new school was enough, I think.

Janine I totally get what you mean. I am tired of saying the same thing over and over again too. And being the bad guy for exacting consequences. Sigh.
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