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Re: Do you think 8 covers are enough for a newborn?

I have 5 right now, 4 thirsties xs and 1 rearz nb. I also have 2 Imagine NB covers but I don't like the fit of the leg gussets, so we aren't using them. We are using smart fit pfs and gmd fitteds w/snaps. We are doing fairly well only having 5 covers. We also do laundry every day because we really like using the fitteds (only have 12 so not quite enough to use them full time). DD rarely leaks ebf poop onto a cover with a fitted but with a snappi and a pf, she probably gets some on a cover 1/3 of the time. That may have a bit to do with my abysmal prefold/snappi skills. We have only had one time so far where we had to scramble for a cover. In that case, I used a Flip cover with the back folded down. See how to do that here: If you are using pfs, I'd say 8 covers is enough. It's also not hard to handwash a cover if need be.
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