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Re: Homeschooling check-in

Originally Posted by angel nee nee View Post
Hi everyone.

Today, my mother in law told my son he does not have to study on weekends, so he does not want to study.

My daughter asked to give her something to study with. I tried to entice her to do cut and paste follow the direction activity, but she says

"Daddy might tell me to clean up the mess so I don't want to do it."

And does not want to do activities that will end up with paper clutter.

I'm discouraged this morning.
I'm sorry you are feeling down.
Is your relationship good enough that you can have a conversation about how that undermines what you are trying to do? My relationship is iffy with my MIL, but if were blatantly saying things like that to my kids, I probably couldn't keep my mouth shut.

We're taking a road trip this afternoon to play at a park with cousins and celebrate 3 birthdays. I'm taking the kids books and planning the next week. I've already put a hold on several library books that go with the history lessons for the week. I'll pick those up tomorrow on the way home from church. I'm also going to take a little more active stance on planning for DS. He's only 4 and we do one page from The Reading Lesson each day, but I'm going to line out a few math activities to have ready when he's willing to work more than 10 minutes. He goes to preschool for 3 hours each morning (part of the deal with DH to hs the girls was that DS had to get out of the house b/c he's too dependent on me :/ ), so he's getting plenty of instruction-just not exactly the instruction I want.
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