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Re: Vasectomy (permanent?)

I was somewhat in your shoes not long ago. Totally overwhelmed with the two we have, and thinking it was time for Dh to get a V. A month later we were surprised and pregnant with the wee one we lost 5 weeks later. Right now, I am so incredibly thankful I did not bring up the idea of a V. If we don't have another, I'm ok with that. But the one we lost.... I was so attached instantly even tho the timing was *off*
It's really easy when your babe is 6mo to be so overwhelmed that you can't imagine ever wanting another. But one of the PP's said she would wait until youngest is 2 to make any permanent decisions. I agree with this.
We use condoms on fertile days right now. We are welcoming to the idea of another, but there are other ways too. Spermicide + condoms during fertile days. charting etc. There are good ways to avoid without hormones. I personally am not open to an IUD either. But at times, it would be really nice to not have it be a worry at all.
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