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Re: Newborn wont suck!

Originally Posted by EuphoricDysphoria View Post
Thanks ladies! I have the help of my midwife through all this but I will check the other out.

I've tried SNS once and she remained lazy in the mouth so she mostly let it leak out.

Yesterday she took the breast for only 1 minute. Can someone be brutally honest and let me know if nursing will even be possible? I have HUGE supply issues and my milk hasn't even come in yet (5 days post partum) but I have enough colostrum. Ugh. I don't know.
Yes you can nurse. BUT some she is not stimulating your breast correctly you need to pump!! Get a hospital grade pump and pump day and night. Find an IBCLC stat I would try the SNS again and do lots of skin to skin. Don't skip night feeding
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