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Why is making yoghurt such an issue?


It is such an easy process...the most easiest in the kitchen, requires 2 utensils at the most+An oven if its winter.

Yoghurt maker, checking temp, crockpot....honestly, you guys dont need all that. Take it from me, who makes yogurt every most Indian women.

1. Boil milk and let it cool/get to lukewarm.
2. Into another bigger pot, add in your starter culture & Mash it with a spoon, so its runny-not a dollop. -helps with distribution. 4-5tbsps per litre of milk. More spoons if you want it to set faster/get sour.
3. Pour the milk from a height-about 1foot- into the starter pot. and back. Do this back and forth some 4 times to ensure that your starter has completely mixed in with the milk. It will get frothy..but they will dissipate.
Cover it to set overnight. Refrigerate the next morning.

That's it.

During fall and winter, you will need to keep it in a draftless place in the kitchen/somewhere warm-maybe near the heater. My aunt in NY used to keep it overnight in the oven with just the lights on....that was sufficient heat for the yogurt to set!

Now if you want to add flavors/keep them in individual little serving bowls, you can add the flavors in step 3, and divvy it up in the bowls to set.

Sugar you can add while boiling, but fruits with vit C in them -like strawberries/blueberries/jam will spoil the milk. It will curdle. So you'll need to add them when you are eating.

I set the milk to boil as we start eating dinner. It cools off while we finish cleaning up. I mash the culture, pour the milk in and out. Set the pot in a corner overnight. Stow it away in the fridge as Im getting the milk out for my tea in the am.

And Im sure this thread will die!
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