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Sorry if my post was confusing.
We would pick one (jack or Henry) and stick with it. Henrick will always be middle. But no matter what,my husband speaks Czech to the kids, including our 4 year old, and uses their Czech name at home and English name in public. So if we picked jack, we would call him jack in public and hubby would call him Johan at home. Even if we name him Fred or something hubby would call him by the Czech version of Fred. It's like that with all the kids and they all know Czech and it's not confusing for them. With Lucy, her legal name is Lucy, but he calls her Lucia. So no legal problems there. With it being opposite with the boy, I worry that would cause problems for him on tests, drivers licenses, etc.
Kwim? I hope that makes sense. I don't want him to have problems. I guess in my head I think it's more akin to calling a William, Bill. But maybe that's not how it's sounding?
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