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Would you trust an expired Clear Blue Easy Digital?

Yeah, so I found a couple Clear Blue Easy Digital pregnancy tests that I had when I was pregnant with my son. I apparently never took them because once I new I was pregnant, the dye tests were so much more fun then a simple Pregnant/Not Pregnant. Anyway, the expiration date on the packaging is April 2012. So, expired by 5 months. When I opened it up, it didn't do anything. I feel like I remember (instructions are long gone) that there was supposed to be something that came on the digital screen. Then, for no apparent reason I peed on it anyway even though I believed the battery was dead. After peeing on it, the timer icon came up. And then...3 minutes later...PREGNANT.

So, would you trust it? (And of course I had 2 beers tonight!) Clearly I'm sending DH out for some more tests tonight after DS goes to bed. But, I'm impatient. What do you ladies think?
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