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The 25lb Challenge October thread

Our goal is to lose 25 pounds (or more!) by the end of January and to get healthy.Each month will be a new thread.
September thread here

Official start date will be Friday, Aug 31st and we will weigh in every Friday. Post your weights in red so I can track them. I will update this first post with current weights so we can see how well we are doing!

Anyone is welcome! For first weigh in, please post your weight and goal weight in red. Thanks!

3lilbubs: starting:193, goal:145, current:193 -0
addiecakes: addiecakes: starting:173, goal:148, current:161.4 -11.6
agardenfall: starting:192, current:193 -0
AmyfromKY: starting:150, goal:135, current:145.6 -4.4
Ashsmama: starting:154, current:145.8 -8.2
boogamama: starting:166, goal:143, current:165.5 -.5
breefawn: starting:170, goal:140, current:170 -0
christi2705: starting:125.8, goal:104, current:121.4 -4.4
coffeemama: starting:170, goal:140, current:165 -5
connor: starting:160, goal:140, current:160 -0
corinne76: starting:148.8, goal:125, current:144.8 -4
crysgoss: starting:178, goal:150, current:178 -0
d_arnold: starting:175, goal:165, current: 172 -3
edens mom: starting:156, goal:139, current:156 -0
Fishie Kisses: starting:195, goal:165, current:195 -0
Firerose RCM: starting:175, goal:135, current:175 -0
foodie.yarnie.mommie: starting:, goal:, current:
huntressxx: starting:175, current:175 -0
igotmywings: starting:173, goal:145, current:173 -0
JayJaysMama: starting:188.7, goal:140, current:185 -3.7
JemJam Customs: starting:263, goal:199, current:263 -0
joga93: starting:263, current:263 -0
katiegud: starting:164, current:163.5 -0.5
KiltedKingdom: starting: 250, goal: 225, current: 246.5
kimmie: starting:172, goal:138, current: 151 -21
luvmyfishies: starting:150, goal:130, current:149.2 -.8
Mac & Cheeses mom: starting 244, goal: 140, current: 233.7 -10.3
MamaNotes: starting:145, goal:120/125, current:145 -0
Mamatoclaire: starting: 175, goal:145, current: 160.8 -14.2
mebl0901: starting:150, goal:135, current:147 -3
Momma_of_hjm: starting:169, goal:140, current:169 -0
MommaMal: starting:187, goal:150, current: 187 -0
Mommieof3monkeys: starting:164, goal:130, current:164 -0
Mrs.Leichliter: starting:168, goal:140, current:161 -7
munchkinflame13: starting:147.4, goal: 120, current: 143.4 -4
MyPerfectLife: starting:178, goal:148, current: 174.4 -3.6
Mysweetseven: starting:221, goal:195, current:216.4 -4.6
Numommy: starting:162.8, current:150.4 -12.4
sahmofthree: starting 180.4, goal: 145, current 170.8 -9.6
sjscnjs: starting: 280, goal: 180, current:280 -0
starbeam: starting:183, goal:150, current:183 -0
sunshine987: starting:176, goal:155, current:173.8 -2.2
TaReeses: starting:165, goal:140, current:155 -10
tuckergirl: starting:165, goal:140, current:163 -2
waterisntsomething: starting:207, goal:180, current: 194.6 -12.4
yaylucy: starting:222, goal: 160, current:222 -0
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