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Re: What no one tells you about breastfeeding

It's okay to feed baby at the restaurant table instead of the bathroom.

Feeding bottles can cause supply issues.

No matter how natural breastfeeding is there is still a learning curve for both mother and baby.

OB nurses in general know little to nothing about breastfeeding. They just don't know how little they really know.

Doctors often seem to know even less.

A good lactation consultant can do wonders to help.

Look for La Leche League. Knowing other nursing moms can make you feel less alone.

A good pump is nice to have already. If problems arise you don't want to be looking with a hungry baby or have to give formula while looking.

I know of no effective way to prep the nipples although you may be told to do so.

Just because your little one can verbally ask to nurse does not mean he or she is too old to breastfeed.

Feeding on demand is not spoiling them nor will you have an obese child. Most breastfed babies will not overeat. Rolls are normal on babies. So too are leaner babies. Just like adults are all different so too are babies.

Breastfed babies need to wake at night to feed even up to a year of age or older.
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