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Re: Anyone own a Ninja Kitchen System?

We've had it for a few months and I'm not sure how long it will actually last. It's decent and we've used it quite a bit, and even more now that our food processor broke completely (it was also broken for awhile but we could still use it, but it's completely broken now.) I'm sure we'd much prefer a Vitamix, but it's not in our budget either. I've used it quite a bit to make smoothies, slushies, banana "ice cream", avocado chocolate pudding (yum!), mashed potatoes (they come out REALLY creamy - more creamy than we'd like actually, but our little ones love them that way), whipped sweet potatoes (yum), butternut squash soup, homemade larabars, homemade peanut butter, cauliflower "rice", homemade coconut milk, etc.

The food processor "bowl" doesn't seem all that different than the blender to me. It seems like the only real difference is that it's smaller. We've used them to chop up nuts like walnuts and to grind up sunflower seeds into a "flour". I've tried to do coconut butter and almond butter in them - but they didn't seem to work for those. I did manage to make sunflower seed butter, but it took a long time. I haven't tried the dough attachments a lot b/c I don't make much bread, but I did try to make pizza dough recently and the dough came out very soft, however, it didn't rise - my husband thought there was a problem with the recipe instructions in the book, though, b/c normally the bread recipes say to let the yeast sit in water for a few minutes... the recipe said to just throw everything together. I use it to chop up onions and lettuce sometimes but it doesn't shred them as fine as I'd like- the other food processor we had did a better job when it worked. It works very well for chopping up cauliflower into "rice" though. Well, hope this helps!

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