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Re: Anyone have a successful pregnancy while on Mirena?

Praying for your DN! If something did happen with one of the babies then they dont do anything. They will leave the baby until the healthy babies are ready to deliver. Your body starts to naturally reabsorb the baby that didnt make it.

I had twin girls and I had twin to twin transfusion. (this is where they share a placenta and one baby is getting more nutrients/blood flow then the other. Mine was severe~ I found out I was having twins at 16 weeks and when I went back at 20 weeks my daughter Bailey had passed away the week before. They tried to convince me to abort the pregnancy due to complictions that *possibly* could happen. They tried to scare us with saying their could be brain abnormalities and such..

I refused to and told them I wanted to continue the pregnancy and see how things went. I was to carry until term and then deliver normally both babies. However I only carried to 24 weeks and then I had a infection and delivered both babies. Our baby that had passed had started to reabsorb so she was not perfect(but perfect to me). Our daughter who lived was 1 lb 3 ozs.. She is now 9 years old.

Hoping her babies do well too!! Tell her to keep her head up and not to do anything she is not comfortable with...Drs are told to give worst case scenarios and sometimes they forget to use compassion and bedside manner.
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