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Strangest period I've ever had...some TMI

Since my very first period ever it has been predictable (not the WHEN...not ever on that lol, but the context). I spot at night, then full blown the next day very heavy for 2-3 days, then medium, then light and then maybe a day of spotting. Generally lasts a week start to finish.

Well, this month has been weird. Started around 9am on Wed and was light...didn't even need a pad, but definitely bright red and there that whole day. Thursday and Friday were heavy. Like peeing blood, soaking through pads, afraid to lay on my white sheets heavy. Then today it was a lot lighter...a LOT. I didn't even need a pad today, but it was more than spotting IMO. By dinner time it was just spotting. And yesterday and today my temps are HIGH...even higher than they were post-O.

Is my body just totally confused???
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