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Re: A nice story to share.

That's fantastic! It's so encouraging to hear positive comments. Since having our sixth baby a couple months ago, it seems like we attract a lot of attention (well, we did with five kids, but it's definitely increased!) There's especially something about Costco--we get tons of looks, etc. Anyways, we were in line at the food court last week and an elderly gentleman was standing behind us. After a few minutes he asked, "Are these all yours?!" Once we told him they are, he said "Wow, that's fantastic! You are so lucky!! I have three kids and always wanted more, but my wife said we were done. It is great that you have six!" He then proceeded to ask their ages, exclaim more about how blessed we are, etc. Then last night, we were at an outdoor event and a pair of middle-aged women kept watching us. Finally, one of the ladies asked how many we had, and when I told her six, she said she couldn't imagine having so many kids (but in a nice way). A little while later she came over to me and said, "I just wanted you to know that I think it's wonderful! I hope you didn't take it in the wrong way." Then I could tell she was tearing up, and I was hoping she wouldn't cry! She proceeded to tell me that she has no children because even though she wanted a big family, her husband didn't want any children, so they had no children at all. She just thinks it's wonderful to see large families. (My heart still aches for her. I can't imagine wanting a large family and having no children at all :-(
I feel very blessed that we rarely get negative comments and seem to be getting more positive comments than ever before.

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