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Re: Question about switching from formula to "toddler formula"

Is it the same brand as the infant formula? If so, they're usually quite similar. I wouldn't worry about it. Whole milk is fine for 1+ years, but the toddler formula does have iron and DHA and some vitamins that whole milk doesn't. We started using it (and adding poly-vi-sol) when we found out ds was low on iron. He still nurses (for comfort mainly I think) at bedtime and he eats table food, but he loves his sippies of formula.. and I feel good knowing he gets that extra nutrition on days when all he'll eat is four blueberries and a yogurt :P He's generally a really good eater, but once in a while he gets off his feed. Anyway, most toddler formulas are for 9m+ so I think you're fine
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