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Re: Weightloss Platueau

You are where I started (184) I got down to 176 pretty easily plateau and then back on track to 144 I stayed at 144 for a year!!! I recently broke the plateau and am at 135.5 as of last month-- my month in calories looks like this
Week 1 1600
Week 2 1800
Week 3 1900
Week 4 1200 + 1/2 exercise calories
My week working out looks likes this
M 3 mile run and 30 day shred
T 5 mile run 30 ds
W 4 miles 30 ds
Th 30 ds
F 3 miles 30 ds
S 6-10 miles
My weight program changes monthly and I don't do the cardio in 30ds
Originally Posted by MyPerfectLife View Post
Thank you so much!
So my day usually looks like this:
8:00 small meal approx 250 cals (like egg and low carb toast or pb and low carb toast)
9:30 40 min cardio (elliptical, bike, rower).
10:30 small snack approx 100 cals (apple, nuts, string cheese, for example)
1:00 lunch approx 350 cals (like a sandwich, leftovers, frozen entree)
4:00 light dinner (varies, but usually 300-400 cals, usually something veggieish)
6:00 snack (varies based on daily consumption, examples incl veggies, nuts, peanut butter, cheese, lean meats)
Three nights a week I walk half hour as well after dinner.
I have T2, so trying to stay low carb hence the meaty, cheesy tendencies. I'm most careful about sticking to 1400-1500 cals per day, aware of fats and carbs. I watch my blood sugar carefully... Always under 125.
I have been in a rut of elliptical for 20 mins and bike 20 mins so I have changed that up the past two days swimming laps and jogging instead.
I drink powerade zero and water... I cut out most soda but some mornings do have a coke zero for the caffeine.
I started at 223. I am at 183.4 now. I'm 5'4.
Would love tips and advice! I'm trying to get this going again because I'm starting a full time internship in January after not working for 7 years. I need to set a good example for my kids and get healthy! Help!

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