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Re: Non minimalism?

I battle with clothes overload....but the clothes are losing! . Also, we're heading into this fall/winter season MUCH more minimal than in past seasons, so I think I finally have a handle!

I have a hard time with educational items since we homeschool...but I find that allocating a space and not letting the stuff multiply PAST that designated space helps...for us its the cupboard in our kitchen that I keep all our school items.

Lastly, TOYS. Having 4 kids in 2 genders and 4 definite age groups (baby,early-preschool, kindergarden, elementary/school age) makes the toy situation explode easily if I don't keep a handle on it. Luckily, I teach the kids about decluttering young, so they see it as a positive thing. They know we have limited space,so if they want something new they quite often offer up an older/ outgrown toy in order to demonstrate the "space" for a new toy. For us, the saving of monetary allowance to pay for the toy is only part of what is required for new toys...the other required thing is the often more highly valued commondity in our home....SPACE!!

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