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Re: How long did you RF your kiddos?

I kind of wish this had an anonymous poll. I've been avoiding posting...

I turned DD at 2 years, 10 months because her seat straps began sticking and I was getting her a new seat. She was 29/30lbs which was the limit of the seat she was in, and exactly an inch from the top of the seat if I remember right. A seat that would RF her longer would have had to have been taller and that would not fit behind DH while he was driving. He was already closer to the wheel than he should have been with the seat she was in. So she turned.

I just turned DS at 2 years, 9 months, even though he technically could keep RFing for a while longer. His seat RF to 35 lbs and he's about 32/33 lbs fully clothed. He has small panic attacks in the car because he can't see us. Sometimes freaks out and yells "mommy! are you there!?." He's constantly questioning what's going on (with anxiety). "why are we stopped? what's happening?". While of these instances were minor and usually soothed relatively quickly by answering his questions calmly and describing what's going on, I decided that I was comfortable switching him at this point to avoid the anxiety in the first place.

Prepared to be flamed for an answer other than "to the limits" or "beacuse I didn't know better"
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