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Originally Posted by keen1981

This is a statement about your child. It's a dangerous blanket statement when directed to all nursing mothers. I have seen some very suck babies in my clinicals because their mother nursed to a very strict schedule or nursed too few times in a day. Even under the advice of their doctors.
You're right. I should have been more clear. That was the response that I got from my daughters' ped when I asked him a very specific question about her (she is the opposite as OP and only drinks 3-5 ounces while she is at her sitters during the day). It was also framed with additional direction to keep an eye out for wet diapers and weight gain. I apologize for the blanket-ness of my statement. That wasn't what I intended. I nurse on demand and do not put my daughter on a schedule at all. She nurses whenever she desires and whenever she's thirsty, hungry, or just needing some mommy time. In my case, she doesn't drink much while away from me and then nurses much more frequently during the evening/night to compensate.
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