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Re: What no one tells you about breastfeeding

Originally Posted by EmmaGM View Post
Accidentally spraying DS in the eye when I letdown. I have a thread a ways down about all the bad stuff I went through.

I just REALLY wanted to second pp suggestion to have a pump ready before baby comes. I didn't think I'd need one and then had huge oversupply and engorgement issues. I was scrambling to find a pump, any pump at 1wk pp.

Also, while I do feel tied down a LOT of the time, I also love that I comfort DS when nothing else can.

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First, EmmaGM's avatar is a big sweet!

I was nervous I wouldn't be able to nurse b/c I had a breast reduction but ended up having plenty of milk. I have one flat nipple and one inverted nipple and huge breasts so the first day I couldn't get a good latch and DS lost over a pound. The next day my midwife suggested a nipple shield and it was just what I needed. I feel confident that I won't need one for the next baby b/c I know what I'm doing but that first time its a learned thing for both of you. I ended up using the shield until he was about 8 weeks when he just didn't need it any more. It was a little frustrating in that period of trying to use it less but I felt like it allowed for us to more slowly figure out the latching thing, plus I think it helped me to never really have pain in the beginning. The first time I used the shield though it was so painful and when he unlatched I was bloody. I thought that it just hurt in the beginning and I had to suck it up, the reality was that he just had a bad latch.

I still nurse to sleep and waited too long to introduce a bottle (could never pump much anyways) so he only nurses with me. Next time I want to try the bottle at the right time so SO can feed in a pinch. I might never have more milk than I need though. Another plus, I love my nipples now! Having a littler person sucking on them pulled them out and now I actually feel like I have nipples!
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