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Re: Many questions

In the future possibly. I have a huge 5 gen family here and love seeing them daily. We don't have to be off the grid, but it sure would be awesome. that kind of stuff really can be just amazingly hard to find here. We may try to find something cheap on a few acreas and make it work for a few years. That sounds so cool, prices here are really odd, one day you find a great 3 bedroom solid enough fixer upper on a few acres for the same drive as a falling appart no property shack and the next you find another property like it for the same price as something that's just huge and great but we couldn't afford lol, the pricing is so messed up by how depressed the area is that you have to buy as is nearly asking price and be the first to see it to get anything even on the grid lol. But your area sounds really great! What kind of work is out there lol, we are either going to try and get something here in the next few months or wait 8 months post all schooling being done and move wherever we find good reliable and advancable work
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