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Re: Question about switching from formula to "toddler formula"

He should be fine as long as it's the same brand. If not (or if he doesn't do well on it), you can ask his doctor to write a prescription (most peds will have the form WIC needs) for the infant formula and WIC will continue to provide that. If his weight is in the normal range and his doctor thinks regular milk would be fine, I see nothing wrong with that either. Since he is a preemie, I would definitely discuss it with the doctor and go from there.

My 1 year old can't do cow's milk (he couldn't even handle Nutramigen) and his doctor wants us to avoid soy for now as well. So his doctor filled out the new form so he can be on Neocate until at least 18 months (at which time we'll re-evaluate). It does give me peace of mind that he is getting the extra nutrition from formula. He is generally a good eater, but he also has celiac. We are working hard to expand our menu, but dairy free AND gluten free is a pain, lol!
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