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Re: How long did you RF your kiddos?

Originally Posted by monica-m View Post
Did you read any of the other responses? There has been no flaming. We're not all going to agree on everything but no one is spitting flames about an over an almost 3 year old FF.
So instead you'll get snarky over the fact that I was hesitant to post my response knowing that it would be different than others? ouch.

Yes I read the other responses. I don't know why you would ask that (if you did not intend for it to be snarky). I am not debating previous responses and I did not suggest that there had already been flaming. I only saw responses saying until the limits or with a "because I didn't know better" disclaimer on it. I am not suggesting that this is a group of horrible people. I posted my response knowing that there will be a lot people in here who would not make the same decision. I very recently turned my son, I debated it long and hard and like most major parenting decisions it came with some uncertainty. Maybe 'flamed' was the wrong word, but I honestly expected someone to suggest alternatives to turning him, which given *my feelings* about the step I just took would feel like criticism and flaming. I have seen lots of it when it comes to ERF, my insecurities resulted in me expecting that it would be directed toward me. I am glad I was wrong. Let's not make a huge deal over the fact that I stated that I was concerned about it happening.

Edited to better clarify, I do not want to begin a back and forth and derail this thread because of this.
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