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WWYD? give up on nursing or keep trying??

dd, 3 months old, has some issues we didnt catch until she was 6 weeks old. she cant suck(high palate, small jaw, low muscle tone) i cant get an answer as to where she can learn or not. we've been bottle feeding BM since about 8 weeks(bc with nursing, then supplementing she still was burning too many calories and not gaining weight) she had a GREAT LATCH just couldnt get out enough milk bc she cant keep suction. so ive been pumping and bottle feeding. i try to latch her on at least once a week but finally got the "ok" to try every feeding for 5 minutes. they were very blunt that she wouldnt get anything but it wouldnt hurt to try. problem is she wont latch on anymore. nothing. she tries but just slips off bc she has no suction should i keep trying? or give up and just pump? i HATE pumping but i know BM is better for her so if she cant actually ever nurse im ok with pumping as long as possible.
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