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Re: Homebirthers

I know Im not the only one Who else is having a homebirth?

Is this your first? If not how many homebirths have you had?

What are you most excited about? Biggest fear?

When is your first appointment with your midwife?

Anything else youd like to share?

I'm having a homebirth for baby #2! I had a homebirth with DS in March 2012 and suprise! we're pregnant again. I'm most excited about being more relaxed this time (does that make sense? lol). My biggest fear is another labor like my last. I had a seriously giant head baby that wasn't centered so he came down with a tilted head. Wow that was crazy pain and he flipped posterior 2 times during labor as well so we had to turn him both times. My MW said I would have had a c-section in the hospital. **shudder** crazy pain is my fear.

My 1st appointment probably won't be until 12ish weeks. Everything is still fresh in my mind and of course I know her already . I'm getting a dating ultrasound done on Friday and then my blood work. woo
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