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Can you ladies give me your opinions please!

Hi everyone

I am rarely on fb, so haven't check our group on there for so long...but since I do get on here at least once a day...I thought I would ask my question here
So, I have a lady who comes to me for hair services... she has become a great friend...but there is one thing that has always annoyed me about her!... she prides herself in being able to guess a babies gender based on how the belly/body look!! Now, I will say, she isn't rude about anything at all, she's very kind, and she has said that she has been wrong a couple of times...but it's for sure the exception!
So, since she has known me, we have had 3 of our 4 sons and so she has "guessed" my baby's gender each time... oddly enough, she always starts out guessing girl until about the halfway mark and then she changes to boy.
So, I haven't seen her for awhile now, but she's due to come see me next week (21 weeks) and even though I am so much more at peace this time around, and I told her not to tell me her "guess"...since we are waiting to find out gender till baby comes... I am still wondering what your experiences are in this...??
I asked my OB about the way that women carry and which gender/etc... and she said sometimes it's true and sometimes not! everything She said she sees more often that a women's second pregnancy is much different in a lot of ways (way she carries/etc...) regardless of gender.
So even though, I know there is no definite truth to how you carry and which gender you have, I still find myself getting all caught-up in "is my belly different this time??" "is it more round, less sticking way out??" LOL
So for conversation sake...please tell me your thoughts and experiences on this whole topic... I would love to hear others' opinions on this!
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