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Re: Homeschooling check-in

Originally Posted by angel nee nee View Post
Hi everyone.

Today, my mother in law told my son he does not have to study on weekends, so he does not want to study.

My daughter asked to give her something to study with. I tried to entice her to do cut and paste follow the direction activity, but she says

"Daddy might tell me to clean up the mess so I don't want to do it."

And does not want to do activities that will end up with paper clutter.

I'm discouraged this morning.
Sorry, that does sound like a pooper of a day. I'm with who-ever else said it though, and would talk to MIL. I know that can be a pain and lead to disaster, but she shouldn't try to undermine you and she should respect your choices even if she does not agree with them. Maybe you could get your DH to talk to her for you?

Originally Posted by a_marines_wife03 View Post
I thought id share our day. We did basically no school work today we went grocery shopping instead. DD 1 did do her calender book and feed the fish but that was the extent of it. I did how ever score 15 giant posters from the Ranger Station about plants and animals. I went in and told them we are a home schooling family and I wanted to get some activity books and he goes well I have a bunch of great posted back hear if you would like to go through them and pick some out. So I got one of every one he had and the girls are so excited about it. Butterflys snakes frogs animal prints different types of trees flowers. snakes you name it we probably have it.
I saw that you were in MO like me and thought you might be interested in this. That's a link to the MO department of conservation website...if you go there and fill out a request form they will send you a huge kit of stuff--it's more-or-less a whole science curriculum. You can pick that the age that you need and they will ship it to your house for free! Just fill out the form and tell them you are homeschoolers. Personally, I don't like the snake posters. They give me the heebie-jeebies.

As far as weekends we will sometimes do stuff on Saturday. It depends on what we have gotten done throughout the week and how our sanity is holding up. DH works most Saturdays, and has Thursdays off so sometimes we don't homeschool on Thursdays and then we do it on Saturdays. We never homeschool on Sunday though.

We enjoyed our break and I didn't look over our 1st grade curriculum as much as I would have liked yet. I am trying to get things ready to go for tomorrow and I'm interested to see how it goes.

Heather--if you can at all for you younger ones, I recommend updating to the MFW K new edition. I think it's $45 for the updated teacher's manual and I like the set up SOOOO much better. The one thing you do have to still flip for is the library recommendations--I wish they would put those in with the weekly stuff too.
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