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Re: Why is making yoghurt such an issue?

Originally Posted by Leanbh View Post
Can you recommend any flavors to do during the process that won't spoil? My kids eat a lot of yogurt, but it needs to be flavored. They don't mind a bit of honey or real maple syrup to unflavored though.....

I tried to do strawberry(made a puree/reduction) added about your step 3, but it did spoil quickly as you said.
1.Vanilla beans..not the essence- but just scraping out the bean pods into it? I also think you could add the whole pod while you are boiling the milk..and remove it and add the pod again for your next batch. The boiling heat should be able get out the vanilla flavor and by reusing the pod, you are stretching its use. I dont know how deeply that will flavor or how many times you can reuse the pod, but I once saw on Nigellas Kitchen about how she keeps vanilla pods in her sugar container and it making her morning coffee smell wonderful.

2.Cardamom pods. Boil with 1 pod/litre. Smell the milk, and add more if you feel like it. You can most definitely reuse it, and then grind the seeds up and add them for the 3rd/4th use.

3.Saffron. Again boil with a 6/7 strands. Lovely fragrance. Will turn your yogurt a beautiful yellow. Dont remove the strands!

4. Honey and maple syrup both contain VitC...but since you'll have to use very little of them to flavor, Im not sure if they'll split the milk.
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