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Re: How do you decline family fundraisers?

Originally Posted by dncegrl View Post
Thank goodness we don't have a bunch of family asking us! They all know we don't buy that stuff plus we have a son in school that brings home plenty of fundraisers. We do participate in some of them...the ones we feel are a good cause. Right now we are collecting the can tops to send to his school so they can be donated for veterans to get dialysis. But we don't participate in most of them.
Those kind most people don't mind. I would ask for people to save stuff like that. I have before- when I was a preschool teacher and we needed used dryer sheets for crafts- not exactly a charity, but most people don't mind saving stuff they would be throwing away anyway. Its all the stuff they want you to buy- candy, wrapping paper, books- that annoy me, even as a parent who is expected to sell them. Thats the main reason we don't participate in them.
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