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Re: Diapers, Cloth Pads & 1st time ordering Fabric Online

If I was you I'd start out by ordering somewhere around 5-10 yards of fabric from wazoodle or nature's fabrics (she's on here somewhere) You may want to have more options or change fabrics once you get started, so that way you won't have a couple bolts of fabric that you'd prefer something slightly different. Buying 10 yards at least from one place should ensure that your shipping is reasonable, and that way you can do a couple different orders and make sure you're happy with what you get and know better what and how much more you need.

I've made everything, and used to make and sell mamapads on etsy. I personally don't think you need windpro fleece. And if I was to start over and do everything, and had enough money to buy nice fabric, I'd order a whole bunch of hemp fleece, and bamboo french terry and loop and make some of each.
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