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Screaming after nursing... :( Help??

I could really use some help from anyone who might have experienced this or similar. I"m sorry... it's going to be long... but I"ve been trying to figure this out for a while now. I've been trying to find help online but nothing seems a perfect match to the symptoms and it could be so many things that I don't know what to try first to try to help!! Here's the details...

Our little guy is 6 weeks old and EBF.
My milk came in quickly and I have plenty of it. The first two weeks he had lots of poops that were very mustard-y.
He's "fought" burps since the very beginning.
I would say that his latch is good (proper form) but not especially strong.

Things have been getting steadily worse though.

Normally, when I have letdown, I have enough milk that it will spray. I've been "block feeding" him to help him to deal with that rush of milk and because he was having really watery green poops. Since doing one breast for two whole feedings (the last week+), his poops are back to being yellow and seedy... but they are still really thin/watery.

He sometimes drops the latch to spit out milk.

If he has a gas bubble, he will "bob" at the breast and refuse to latch. If I take him away from the breast to burp him, the screaming/flailing starts.

He screams after every feeding. For at least 30 minutes... and often longer. He's sometimes have a couple minutes of calm inbetween, or he'll exhaust himself and fall asleep, but then suddenly he'll start trying again.

The screaming is accompanied by flailing and "clawing", and holding his body really stiff and straight like a board. He looks and sounds like he is in pain (which is heartbreaking!).

I've tried latching him back on after he does get a burp up... and he resists the latch. If I force him, he will latch on, drink more, and it's about 50% whether her will fall asleep at the breast then, or end up back in the cycle of screaming/flailing with more burps.

He sleeps much better on his belly than his back.
We keep him upright after feeding him for as long as possible.
He will often end up screaming in the car seat until he pukes/chokes... even when we time things so that we have at least 30 minutes since his last feeding.
He will continue to bring up burps for 1-2 hours after feeding and they are ALWAYS accompanied by screaming first.

He doesn't puke a lot... but the frequency is getting worse. It is now almost every time he nurses whereas it was rare that he would spit up at all for the first 3-4 weeks... and it is always mostly clear like saliva with some thick white in it. Looks a bit like egg whites when they are just barely starting to cook in a frying pan.

As for me... my breasts are soft even with the block feeding. I haven't had any engorgement since the first week or so. I still have enough milk though that it does leak a little on the "off-breast" with every let-down and if ds lets go at or slightly after letdown, milk will spray.

Oh... and weight gain has never been an issue. He was 8lbs3oz at birth (Aug 13th) and at last Wednesday's appointment (6 weeks) he was 10lbs12oz.

- food sensitivities? There never seems any change... every day it's the same no matter what I do or don't eat.
- reflux? no projectile vomit and he does sleep longer at night (sometimes 4+ hours)
- hindmilk/foremilk imbalance? Should I try for even more feedings on one breast before switching? I can't seem to notice a pattern between the first on one breast and the last.
- could it be something else entirely? Someone suggested bringing him to a pediatric chiropractor but I wouldn't even know how to find one!

My heart is just breaking that every nursing session ends not in comfort for him, but in pain.
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