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Re: Annoyed at church member regarding her statement to me on BFing....Advice?

Originally Posted by RainandRedemption View Post
I wouldn't bring it up with the pastor. You're not doing anything wrong, so why bother to bring him into it, IMO. Of she approaches you again tell her that you do not want to miss the sermon, that your baby needs to eat, so the best option is for anyone who is bothered by your baby nursing to just exercise their self control and not look at you.

To me she sounds like the type to have a problem with something no matter what the circumstances. If that's the case hopefully the pastor realizes that and won't let it become a big issue if she brings it up w him.

I wouldn't buy a cover, unless you have the $ to spend and you want to

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the reason i said to bring it up to the pastor is he needs to know one of his members is bullying another member and making her feel uncomfortable. the pastor needs to address this issue with the member IMO
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