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Re: Thanksgiving yet...?

We go to a big family gathering where grandma does all the main stuff like meat, potatoes, gravy, stuffing, ect... and everyone else brings a few items to share. My dh, MIL, and SIL all have celiacs. So most of the gluten free cooking for them falls to me since my dh is the most sensitive. And typically they just don't eat stuff that naturally has it in. But last year dh was sulking BIG TIME about how he can't eat all the "good stuff" so I made it my personal mission to give him everything he likes and have it be as good as the "normal" food. It was a huge success, FIL like our gf stuffing better than the regular stuff and he is the most picky person ever about not liking GF stuff. My rolls got devoured by everyone GF and normal folks alike as "so light and fluffy cloud rolls". And the pie they were all eating and commenting on the good crust before we realized they had cut the wrong pies and were accidentally eating the GF pies. I'd call that a success. So for my portion this year I know I will be making GF rolls (MIL will make regular ones dh can't even be around flour like that but she can), GF pies- probably cherry and peach, maybe a pumpkin. Gluten free, sausage and apple stuffing. And possibly a gf pumpkin roll. Haven't decided on that one yet, it will depend on how tired I am from all the other baking.
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