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Re: Peanut allergy from just being breathed on in young infant - what am I in for???

You need to get a full test done on her. It could be very dangerous to allow peanuts and even sesame seed products in your home.
Is this the first of it you noticed? Hopefully she will grow out of it. I know in the school use to work in there was someone who was like this and the building where she was had to implement a no p.b rule..not even for lunchtime, for everyone in the building. it just wasn't safe for her.

You'll need to carry Benadryl and an epi and even some topical cream with you everywhere BC never know where something could've been in contact with peanut dust.

Maybe it wasn't even the p.b who knows? Let's hope for the best. The dr should be able to give you better advice and maybe there is a support group on here for that kind of allergy.
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