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targets biodegradable pristine clean detergent

(up&up brand) so I mentioned in another thread that we were using this on our clothes and loving it but that it caused too many suds for the diapers and I was using small amounts of dreft for those..
Well like another mama her cautioned the small dreft (about 2 table spoons) for about 9-10 diapers worked well at first but after a while I needed to add more or the diapers didn't get cleaned. I did with success but then the rinsing battle came back into play...
Well I finially used of the tiny box of dreft I had (basically a sample box) I needed to wash diapers didn't want to go to the store so I decided what the heck I'll use the target stuff again and prepared my self for a evening of rinsing...
OMG I'm in LOVE.. my diaperrs are comming out soooooo clean I can honestly say even better than with tide and I NEVER thought I'd say that. I always run a cool prewash with 2 capfulls bleach then a long hot heavy duty cycle with detergent.. after the intial wash cycle with tide and others I can often still detect a faint bleach smell, I'll then reverse my AIOs and run a secnd cycle nothing and the bleach smell is gone after that... With this one the diapers are totaly 100% stain and scent free after the intial wash.. I still reverse and wash again I have a microfiber diaper stash so I think its important.
I haven't used this on diapers for a long time about 3 wash cycles (running 4th right now) now but even stored between Ive had ZERO ammonia smell an DD been rash free. As for the suds I get a bit in the intial wash but not a lot I'm thinking it was jsut resudial tide from our regular laundry that was causing the suds before.
I'm using right at the one ine right now I recently gained 6 more diapers I was using a little below it before but upped it just a bit when I added more diapers to my load..

I can't find any information online on this detergent. It is not their regular detergent I've tried that before it was jsut alright.. This was with the more enviroment friendly cleaning section of our target. The bottle jsut says up&up biodegradable laundry detergent pristine clean free and Clear. They also have it in lavender..

for standard or HE washers
Biodegrabable formula (breaks down safely in nature) and contains naturally derived cleaning ingredients
This means little to me its jsut what the bottle says..
ingredient: contains biodegradable anionic and/or nonionic sufacants,enzymes
again little to go by an I have no clue to its true greeness but so far its been AMAZING!
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