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Re: Annoyed at church member regarding her statement to me on BFing....Advice?

Originally Posted by dolphingirl View Post
Oh boy, I would be very upset as well! I would just ignore it for now and continue nursing as you have been. I wouldn't involve the pastor unless she says something again and if you think that the pastor would agree with your opinion that it's okay to nurse in the sanctuary.
I'm nursing my sixth baby, and I've done a lot of nursing in the sanctuary in the years. Dare I admit that I have actually nursed my baby (in a ring sling) while going up to the front of the church for communion?? There is a woman at our church who one time was nicely suggesting that we place a rocking chair in the bathroom and encourage women to nurse there, and I was feeling a bit feisty that day. So I explained to her why the bathroom really wasn't an appropriate place to feed a baby and proceeded to tell her that I've nursed many times right in church and even while taking communion. I just loved the shocked look on her face!
I nurse everywhere and have never used a nursing cover. I have to admit that I think they're like a big sign that says "I'm nursing!" I wear a nursing shirt or a nursing tank and regular shirt and no one has been the wiser. My friends usually can't even tell that I'm nursing, and definitely the older people who aren't thinking that a woman would possibly be nursing right in church definitely don't notice. Nursing in a ring sling helps, as well as just nonchalantly continuing to participate in the worship service without doing a whole lot of looking down at the breast. (With a two week old baby, though, this would be hard. It's much easier once the baby is at the stage where all you have to do is put their head in the vicinity of your nipple and they find it and latch on by themselves. At the two week stage, I usually find that I like to go somewhere somewhat private.)
I also realize that the modesty of nursing isn't all just about appearance, but the sounds as well. I've had a couple of babies who were really noisy nursers and I wasn't able to nurse them in the sanctuary since their smacking and swallowing was just too loud.

Anyways, I feel like I'm rambling but just wanted to encourage you to not stop nursing in the service just because of one woman's comments.
Congratulations on your new little one!
Thanks for the support as well as the congrats. She is baby number 4 and my only girl.. so yes, I'm sure she'll be spoiled. LOL

She is a bit of a noisy nurser (she makes "smacking" sounds)... but there is only one other person who sits in our row, and one person who sits directly behind me, and no one directly in front (we sit in the third row). So really, there aren't many people within "hearing" distance any way.

I think I'll try the ring sling next time.

I do wear a nursing tank under my shirt too.

Thanks again.
God bless!
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