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Re: Peanut allergy from just being breathed on in young infant - what am I in for???

Thanks for the link and advice. I'm not too worried about labels ... yet but maybe I shoud be after tomorrow? DD doesn't eat yet so it isn't like she is going to accidentally eat something for now. Thankfully we homeschool too so other then the playgroup we go to which I can drop if she has a life threatening allergy it isn't as bad as it could be - for now anyway. I was told to start acting like she has a life threatening allergy first and scale back later if we can. I guess for now I will practice the no-one but me holds the baby rule while out. Signs for the doors maybe? It is just so strange - I mean I've heard of kids with very bad peanut allergies but NEVER of babies, and NEVER of someone who was just breathed on - the nurse told me it is possible though (I am still hoping it was incidental that she got hives). I was also told that if she reacted like this with just breathing on her, if she actually eats one she will be in very, very serious danger. I guess they said that the first reaction is usually more mild and hers was pretty severe since she didn't even touch it so to expect it to be worse next time. OH anyone know how long peanut residue would stay on things I will wipe down as much as I can but I have NO CLUE what I might miss.
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