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Re: in-laws visiting, vent

Ugh. Does the guest bed have to be moved at that point in time, or can it wait until the IL's leave? If it can wait, I'd go somewhere like Walmart and get a full size or queen size air mattress for the ILs. I'd leave the pack and play and DD1's bed where they are, and would let the ILs cope with sleeping with her in the room with them. If you can afford to, I'd hire someone to come and clean a few days before they get there. Alternatively, find a babysitter you trust (a teenager or pre-teen) who can come over and play with the kids while you do the cleaning. It can be a pre-teen because you'll be there anyway, you just need someone to distract the 3 year old. You can always wear the 6-week old in a sling or do the cleaning while the baby is napping. As for the clutter---I don't like to do this sort of thing but in a pinch the old "sweep it under the rug" method works pretty well----just cram it all into some rubbermade containers and stack them in a corner, or gather it all up in laundry baskets and shove them in a closet or under a bed until you can pull them out and sort through them....

The alternative is to tell DH that you're overwhelmed and beg him to ask them to stay at a hotel (i've done this before) OR you can just not worry about cleaning the house (they are family, after all) and you can ask your In-laws to help you clean up by watching the kids (they ARE grandparents, and they CAN make themselves useful and you DO have the perfect excuse with a new baby on your hands).
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