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carrying smaller with a 4th (or subsequent) baby?

I'm having our fourth in March 2013. I'm 17 wks tomorrow. In comparison with the other 3 kids I'm really REALLY tiny. I can still wear my regular shirts and I don't even look pregnant in the morning when I wake up.

With my other 3 kids I was GIGANTIC. By this point, I was wearing maternity everything, and even some size small maternity stuff didn't fit me....(I still have the same maternity clothes cause I've been storing them) Most of the maternity pants (sz small) are a tad big, and I don't need maternity shirts.

I do have pg symptoms, my fundal height is on track, and as of 10 wks, the baby was healthy (we did a dating u/s around that time and everything looked fine), but of course I am still worried.

Anybody carry smaller with a 4th (or more) baby?
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